Ipswich City Council Office of Economic Development Update

As promoted in the AGM invitation notices we had a guest speaker along from Ipswich City Council Office of Economic Development.  Mr Alan Brown who is the Senior Coordinator Local Business Growth gave a very informative talk on the current demographics and spoke of the extraordinary growth of the greater Ipswich region plus the planned increase of businesses moving into the area. Alan also spoke of the growth forecast in the Bremer chambers catchment and potential for real business expansion in our local area.  The near future of closer ties between the various local Chambers and council are looking positive with a forum being held 5 December at the Ipswich Civic Centre introducing Industry Development and how to harness exposure. Andrew has committed to develop closer ties with our committee, keeping us informed of developments within our own region. ( A PDF of Andrews presentation is attached)  Any members looking for assistance with council issues were invited to contact Andrew via Bruno Klos.